OA Lowanne Nimat Annual Pass or Dues

Please complete the information below and submit to purchase our new annual Pass or pay your annual dues.

***Lowanne Nimat Lodge is introducing a new Annual Pass option, for the price of $85.00, allowing you to pay once now to cover your 2024 dues PLUS the general member registration fees for all annual lodge events in 2024 at a discount.  This package also includes a special patch.***

Lowanne Nimat Lodge dues are $15.00 annually and cover the period from January 1st to December 31st each year. 

Members who are delinquent in paying their dues for one or more years can be restored to active status by paying a one time reactivation processing fee of $5.00 in addition to their current year’s dues.  

It is required that an individual be registered with the Boy Scouts of America to be a member of the Order of the Arrow.  If your BSA membership lapses so does your membership in the Order of the Arrow.

Those first inducted into the Order in 2023 have already paid their 2024 dues in their Ordeal fee.
Check your member portal to see the current status of your  dues and your current membership card.

The Order of the Arrow member portal will give you access to your current membership card, the Lodge calendar of events, and allow you to keep your contact information current.